Can quinoa grow in seawater and in sand?

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The answer is simple: YES. According to Sven Erik Jacobsen and his research – lector at the Faculty of Life Sciences, Copenhagen University – quinoa is one of the crops destined to offer food security in the 21st century.

Another great news for the world that quinoa can grow basically anywhere:

  • Quinoa can grow and produce in seawater because it has a very high salt tolerance.
  • Quinoa can also grow in pure sand, under extremely dry conditions. It only needs 200mm rainfall. Mr. Jacobsen writes: “Quinoa may be a potential alternative crop for growing in drought-prone areas of Africa and Asia.”
  • Quinoa also has a high degree of frost resistance (-8C for 2-4h)

The demand for organic quinoa is increasing. More and more people in the world know that quinoa is a vital part of a healthy diet.

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Quinoa – Research and Development at the International Potato Center (CIP)

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