Quinoa Diet Tips

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Quinoa was the ancient sacred food of the Incas, warriors could survive only on quinoa for days. More and more people start quinoa diet. Why? Because it’s really good for your body. It is gluten free and a fantastic source of protein – vegetable protein. It is really easy to digest and it can be used in soups, casseroles, stir fry dishes and in salads too.

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The quinoa contains so called slow releasing carbohydrates that are good for your body and satisfies your hunger for longer. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan you can still use quinoa as a part of your diet. Even diabetics can eat is because you can maintain the correct blood sugar levels for longer. It is good to eat quinoa because it is cholesterol free and when you follow a quinoa diet it will help you to reduce your cholesterol level too.

An amazing super diet food that you can buy anywhere and prepare with anything.

Quinoa has another benefit in that it is an alkaline food. It means that it helps the blood maintain a healthy pH level. Many people think that quinoa is a grain but it is not – although it looks like one. It is actually related to the spinach and beet families.

There are so many benefits that quinoa actually has, it can change your life. Of course you need to eat quinoa with raw or cooked vegetables, or even with meat but don’t mix this super diet food with processed food. It is really easy to prepare, it’s tasty; even kids love it too.

If you want to maintain a balanced diet you have to start quinoa diet. You will become healthier, slimmer and you will have more energy too.

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